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Juridical litigation department

This department gathers many barristers and lawyers from different horizons and recognized as the best in the privileged specialties of MINYOGOG & ASSOCIATES LAW FIRM.

This Department lawyers provides an excellent representation of clients in front of national and international courts.

The officials’ expertise and experience of the juridical litigation ensure to clients a protean juridical assistance.

Then the privileged fields in which they intervene are the following:

Our lawyers take into account local and national regulations related to a company existence (setting up of company, building permit obtaining, property transfer, loans securing, protection of investors, levies and taxes payment ,cross-border trade, contracts execution , solutions to insolvency) in order to provide the most accurate juridical assistance.

The Cabinet’s reputation is well-established in the sub-region in matters of collective proceedings of discharge, with a portfolio of many companies of the private sector. Similarly,our specialists manage with much professionalism the outstanding debts.

Then the Cabinet has made a juridical consulting to elaborate a first bill upright juridical regime of facilities operations with public private partnership in charge of the Public works Cameroonian Ministery.

The Cabinet proves a sure experience in the arbitration field. This has made the cabinet to be kept on the project « Justice for everyone in Rwanda » by the NGO AVOCAT SANS FRONTIERES. Also, they have represented the State of Cameroon in many occasions in the international arbitration authorities:
  • Council of the State of Cameroon next to to the international arbitration Court of Paris’s Chamber of Commerce in the cases :
    • « The State of Cameroon (privatization) against - CTE- BROBON FINEX - BABA Ahmadou »
    • « The state of Cameroon (privatization) against - CHANAS Assurances - Liquidation SOCAR »
  • Council of the State of Cameroon in Geneva Arbitration Chamber in the « the state of Cameroon against the company SOCAMAT »
  • Council of the State of Cameroon in a cancellation processes ahead the Court of Appeal of Paris .

All things considered, we are entitled to co-organize, with the international Organization of Development Law (IDLO) in 2009 an international seminar on the subject « the defense of the State interests in front of the foreign court » .

We prepare different type of contracts for clients according to the case and follow them in their execution as well as in the resolution of dispute that can arise.
Our specialists’ mission is to provide a legitimate, clear and objective analysis of companies’ situation, in accordance with upright the Organization and Harmonization of Business accounting Organisation. Our concern also is to back up the strategic orientations of institutions according to the required standards fixed by economic and financial partners of the latter.
Made up of auditors’network with a confirmed experience, this department is supervised by an expert who combines 27 years old in fiscal accounting and juridical audit. Fortified by their experience, the Cabinet is used to manage successfully the public contracts execution in Central Africa. Furthermore, our permanent and extern consultants are enough experimented for having running with feat various missions in Cameroon and in the sub- region.
The Cabinet count among its specialists in public and para public companies restructuring who accompany the State of Cameroon in its structural reform policy. Then, it was the Council of the Monetary Authority in Cameroon next to the COBAC and ahead the CEMAC Justice Court in the framework of AMITY BANK AND COFINEST restructuring process.
Under the direction of a fiscal expert, former auditor and a certified accountant, the Cabinet intervene in the following fields of fiscal law:
  • Intern and direct taxation
  • International taxation of companies
  • Indirect taxation of physical persons
  • Fiscal legislation reform
  • Définition of strategies and fiscal politics
From its network, the Cabinet intervene on all the topics concerning in fiscal legislation in national, regional and international domain, helping then its clients in litigation process assistance and answering to any request about taxation.
Furthermore, the department activities are also directed towards transverse questions, which are the major concern of developing and transitional economies.
Among others missions carried out by our specialists:

  • Council of the Ministry of Finance in international collection of some funds.
  • Legal consultation to elaborate a first bill upright juridical regime of facilities operations in public private partnership (under the direction of Public works Ministry).
  • Juridical and fiscal audit of Yaounde’s Urban Community Communauté Urbaine de Yaoundé (conseil permanent).
  • Consultant next to the Ministry for operations destined to the liquidation completion ASECNA Article 10 and CNR liquidation as well.
  • Consultant next to the National Investment Company of Cameroun (NIC) in the following projects :
    • The exploitation stage of cobalt of nickel with the company GEOVIC ;
    • The feasibility study project of the iron project extraction of Mbalam by the company CAMIRON;

Besides the consultations, the Cabinet advise and defend the interests of many companies and institutions, particularly:

  • The Ministry of Finance
  • The urban Community of Yaounde
  • The autonomous sinking fund
  • The Airports of Cameroon (ADC)
  • The Chanas company insurances
  • The International Bank of Cameroon for Savings and Credit (IBCSC).
  • The Commercial Bank-Cameroon (CBC).
  • Cameroon General Society (CGS).
  • The Cameroonian Water COMPANY.(CDE).
  • The Telecomunication Regularization Agency (TRA).
  • The African Financial Society (A.F.S).
  • The National Investement Society (NIS).